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End of Season Air Conditioner Checklist

Posted on: October 16, 2017

There are still a few warm days and temperate evenings left here in Plano for the time being, but the air is decidedly more crisp. Fairly soon you’ll be letting your air conditioner get a well-deserved rest while you kick on the heat! But before you do, there are some important AC maintenance tasks you should perform for your cooling system. Follow along with the service experts at Total Air & Heat of Plano while we let you know what needs to get done!

Why Do I Need to Perform End of Season Maintenance?

We know what you’re thinking: the air conditioner isn’t important anymore, right? Well, that’s not really true! We’re about to buckle in for the winter, yes, but winter doesn’t last forever. A few months from now we’ll start feeling the heat once more, and when that times comes you would prefer your air conditioner to be ready and waiting rather than creaking and struggling.

That’s why end of season service matters. Besides, it takes very little time to get done, so don’t worry about some massive time or resource investment! These quick tasks can save you tons of stress and money both come next spring.

Change the Air Filter

Keeping your air filter changed is a fairly easy and quick job, but is also possibly one of the single most important things you can do for your system. A clean filter means good air flow and efficient operation, and changing it now rather than later ensures no debris gets time to work its way into your unit over the long months of winter and fall. While you’re at it be sure to check the filter in your heating system, too!

Inspect & Clear Vents

Check all of the vents in your home and free them of any dust or debris that may have collected on them over the summer. This serves a double benefit, both ensuring the vents are good to go and free of air pollutants come 2018, but also will improve air flow and indoor air quality during winter.

Check & Clean the Outdoor Unit

Nearly all cooling systems are split systems, meaning there’s an indoor unit, and an outdoor. The outdoor unit is exposed to rain, shine, dust, and all of the grass clippings that can come as a result of routine mowing. So as you might expect, it can get gross. Give it a clean in order to improve its ability to exchange heat and you’ll be welcomed with a much healthier system next summer.

Be Sure to Schedule AC Maintenance in Plano, Texas!

Homeowner maintenance is important and helps keep costs down and comfort high. But professional service is the absolute best way to ensure you get the most from your heating and cooling investments! For the best results you should seek service once in the spring and once in the fall, both to tune-up the system you’re about to use, and to have a professional inspect and calibrate the system you just got done using.

Want to find out more, or looking for service experts to perform end of season service for your air conditioner this year? Contact Total Air & Heat today to set an appointment, or take a moment to learn more about the benefits of joining a RESA!

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