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Should I Invest In a Heat Pump for My Plano Home?

Posted on: February 16, 2018

When shopping for a new home heating or cooling system you’re immediately met with a ton of options and variables. Furnaces, central AC, boilers—the list goes on. And yet if you’re following all of the most recent HVAC trends, you’ll see over and over that a heat pump is the ideal option for many. Why? What makes a heat pump so special or wanted? Should you invest in a heat pump?

Today the specialists at Total Air & Heat of Plano are here to talk about what makes a modern heat pump such an attractive pick!

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What Are the Drawbacks?

We do start this post off by saying should you invest in a heat pump, and the biggest thing a homeowner is going to be confronted with when they check out a heat pump is the initial cost. At face value, you look at a heat pump unit, then you look at a standard electric forced-air system and you say: well, this is an easy choice! The initial cost, though not much higher than other HVAC systems, is a consideration that makes many shy away.

Additionally, and though this doesn’t really apply here as much, there are some places where a heat pump just doesn’t have the “oomph” necessary. For example if you were trying to heat a home in Alaska, a heat pump is probably going to lack the raw power you need, which means you would need an auxiliary heat source.

What Are the Advantages of a Heat Pump?

Okay, so a higher price tag is a turn off for many. But, before you make your decision in haste, stick around. We’ve got plenty of good news to share about a heat pump in the Plano area. Heat pumps are so widely loved because:

  • They boast exceptionally high efficiency ratings. The efficiency of even standard heat pump systems absolutely beats much of its competition. That means when maintained properly, a heat pump will eat up far less energy, directly translating into long term savings that can completely offset the initial purchase cost.
  • They can heat and cool a home. A heat pump is an air conditioner and a furnace all rolled into one, offering you great cooling during our high-heat summers and quite strong heating to stave off the winter chill.
  • Heat pumps have a longer lifespan. More commonly-known cooling systems tend to have a lifespan of 10, maybe 15 years. Heat pumps can last up to 20, and in the case of a geothermal system, may even double that number.
  • Heat pumps are environmentally friendly. Through high efficiency ratings, longevity, and a lack of needing fossil fuels, a heat pump can be a great choice for homes looking to “go green.”
  • You have options with a heat pump. Can’t handle ducts in your home’s layout? Ductless heat pumps are available! Want the absolute most effective and efficient system on the market? You can invest in a geothermal system. You’ve got an option for nearly any home, giving you purchasing power.

Should I Invest in a Heat Pump?

After all of our talking on the subject, the best answer here in all honesty is still maybe. A ton of factors go into choosing your ideal home comfort system, including your load needs, your home’s structure, your budge, and even more. It would be dishonest to say anything other than the best choice for your home is whatever decision you and a trusted contractor can come to together.

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