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How to Prep Your Plano Home’s AC Unit for Spring

Posted on: April 17, 2018

Though we’re starting out the spring on the mild side, we’ve already had a couple of high heat days. Plano is notoriously unforgiving once the season gets going, so now’s the time to get your cooling system locked, loaded, and ready to take on the summer! Follow along with the pros at Total Air & Heat of Plano, Texas to find out how to get your air conditioner ready.

Start With the Air Filter

All good routine air conditioner maintenance checklists start with the filter when it comes to HVAC. It’s the single most cost and time efficient thing a homeowner can do, and it pays you back in a really big way. The air filter is responsible for keeping air flow in good shape, helping your cooling system deliver clean, cool air effectively and quickly. This, in turn, means the system has to work less to get more done, directly translating into less energy wasted. As a bonus, you’ll even get better air quality in your home!

A filter change is fast and easy, just open the blower compartment on your AC system and it should expose the old filter. Simply pull out and slide in a new one (should be available at nearly any hardware or home service store). While you’re at it, consider beefing up efficiency and the defense of your HVAC system by upgrading to a pleated polyester filter. More durable, better performance, and they last a bit longer, too.

Do a Full Check of Your Outdoor Unit

Once the new filter is in place take a moment to go outside. The outdoor unit should be clean and free of all debris, and if it isn’t a quick pass with a soft-bristled broom should get the job done. This improves thermal transfer and simplifies the compressor’s job, making it waste less energy (and avoiding the most common cause of an AC overheat—which can lead to AC repair).

The fins of the outdoor unit should also all be straight. If you’ve got dented fins, all you need is a blunted tool (screwdriver, flat putty knife, butter knife) to carefully straighten them. Do this slowly and with care, because the fins are thin and prone to breaking when mishandled.

While you’re out here it’s also wise to locate and check the condensate drain line. It should be a simple pipe or hose that runs from the drain pan of your indoor unit to the outside. All you’re looking for here is any obvious clogs or tufts of grass blocking the tube.

Perform a Test Run

All set? Good! Time for a test run. On the next day that’s over 70 degrees (this week looks pretty good for it) give the AC system a test run. Set it to a cool yet conservative 70 and let it run for 30-45 minutes. During this time it’s your job to check vents to ensure healthy flow of air, and to listen for any loud or odd noises. This is the easiest form of homeowner AC troubleshooting, and it can save you a lot of stress by helping you catch a problem before it gets hot and heavy in Plano.

Set a Date for Professional AC Maintenance

From here your part is all done! Now it’s time to turn it over to the pros for some deeper work. A professional tune-up includes a full cleaning of the internal systems and coils, calibration, parts checks—all of the good stuff that results in better performance and risk avoidance. For the best results an AC tune-up in Plano should be performed every year, so this is where a maintenance program can really save you some stress and money.

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