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Signs of a Failing AC Condenser in Plano, TX

Posted on: May 22, 2018

The summers that routinely strike Plano and the surrounding areas are harsh and heavy, leaving you very little in the way of reprieve if your cooling system should go out. Want to avoid the stress and scrabble of a mid-season breakdown? If so, it’s important to understand all of the early warning signs! That way you can get a timely service that preserves your comfort. Follow along with the pros at Total Air & Heat while we discuss the potential signs of one of the most critical systems in your cooling system: the AC condenser unit.

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What Is the AC Condenser?

The condenser, or condensing unit, is the blanket term used for the outdoor unit assembly. It contains the compressor, a large amount of tubing, the condenser coils, a fan assembly, and a little more. It is the condensing unit’s job to convert refrigerant from a gas to a liquid, and then back again. Or to put it all very simply, this is where the cooling system performs the thermal transfer (where it gets rid of heat) in order to remove warm air from the home and prep the refrigerant to produce a cooling action.

If it sounds like the condenser is a very important part, you’re absolutely right. The condenser ranks among the most costly and complex components to replace, which is why you want to know when something is going wrong with it. Getting AC repair early enough can save you a lot of high costs and heartache.

The Signs of a Failing Condenser Unit

As a somewhat complex system, there are actually a good few things that can go wrong with a condenser. However since it’s all in one place, the signs are fairly easy to notice if you know what to look for. A condenser that is beginning to fail might show any of the following signs:

  • A loss of cooling power in the home. Though a loss of cooling power not necessarily the fault of the condenser (since there are a few possible culprits for this issue), this does rank as one of the earliest possible warning signs you can catch. If you notice your AC equipment struggling to keep up with your needs, the condenser is very possibly beginning to fail.
  • A clicking or tick noise on startup. When a compressor is beginning to near the end of its service life it may begin to produce a fairly loud clicking noise when it cycles on. This is because the compressor in the condensing unit is “hard starting” or basically struggling to engage.
  • Leaking or excessive moisture. If you’re going to spot a refrigerant leak, the outdoor condenser is one of the places you’ll see it first. Refrigerant leaks tend to be fairly small, but since a loss of refrigerant interrupts the refrigeration cycle it will often excessively cool the unit, resulting in a large accumulation of puddling moisture.
  • Freezing in the indoor unit. Issues with refrigerant often result in drastic temperature dips in the entire cooling system, which can often result in the formation of frost on the exterior and interior units, potentially leading to literal blocks of ice building on the system.

AC Condenser & AC Compressor Repair in Plano, TX

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