Emergency Furnace Repair in Plano, Texas

What can you do when your furnace system decides to break down in the middle of a Plano winter night, or on the weekend? Skip over to NYLO Plano at Legacy, or huddle up under a tree at Oak Point Park? Of course not! You call on the emergency heating service team at Total Air & Heat. We offer complete heating repair services, no matter the time or day, so you can always rest easy knowing that a team of pros are readily at hand.

Our heating service experts have been proudly serving Collin and Denton County for over 50 years, and our emergency furnace repair team is always equipped and ready to serve. We’re the experts you can trust to bring you superior solutions at affordable prices, and we’re never done with our job until you’re back in complete cozy comfort.

Having a heating emergency in your home or business? No matter what or when, call our 24-7 Plano furnace repair team at 866-525-3594!

24-Hour Emergency Furnace Repair in Plano

The winter around here can be pretty unforgiving, meaning within minutes of your furnace going haywire your home can be absolutely flooded with cold air. But no matter what the problem is, no matter how large or small, our emergency service team can handle it with ease. By using our extensive experience and top-class equipment we can quickly diagnose the issue and formulate a repair plan that gets things back to normal as swiftly as accurate service will allow.

From our Plano location on 1408 Avenue “O” we can reach any Plano home or business quickly, whether you’re nearby on Plano Parkway, or way up on Hedgcoxe, our service experts can be on the way and ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Service in Collin County

Any problem or loss of comfort at all warrants a repair service call for sure. But there are some problems that are far more risky or troublesome than others, and it’s at these times you should reach out to our emergency service team. Keep watch for these common signs of a furnace emergency:

  • Loud furnace noises. Loud noises can mean a cracked, loose, or otherwise damaged component in your furnace system. If the problem isn’t handled quickly it could spell serious damage, or even a complete furnace failure. You don’t want to get furnace replacement too soon in Plano, so be sure to call for repair!
  • Electrical problems. Breaker trips, flickering lights, odd humming and buzzing sounds—all of these are indications of a serious problem. And potentially a harmful one. If you notice odd electrical behavior when your system kicks on then give us a call.
  • Cold air coming from the furnace. Plenty of that to be had outdoors, so you definitely don’t want your furnace trying to act like an icebox! Lots of things can cause odd airflow or cold air to come from the system, so you’ll be needing an expert to help you out.
  • The furnace is short-cycling. A system rapidly kicking on and off too much can indicate electrical issues or an incorrectly sized system. Call on our team to find the cause.
  • Strange pilot light behavior. Is your pilot an odd color, or sputtering out constantly? Our repair experts can set things right in no time, letting you get back to comfortable.

Emergency Heating Service in Plano, Texas

You can also count on our emergency service experts in Plano for service at any time that you feel uncomfortable in your home, on the weekends, on holidays, or at any other time. The goal of our emergency service team is to ensure your needs are met at all times, no matter what, so don’t hesitate to call 866-525-3594 any time!

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