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Whether your go-to summer outing is a stroll through Haggard Park or a hike at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, one thing’s for sure—you’re going to work up a sweat in the sweltering Texas heat! So if you return from a weekend adventure to a home that is just as hot inside as it is outside, you need AC repairs—stat!

Our team is well-versed in AC repair, regardless of brand or model. We offer Plano air conditioner repair that puts your comfort at the forefront, bringing you AC repair no matter the time or day! For perfect air conditioner repair solutions that return your home to the comfort you deserve, trust Total Air & Heat.

Call on our Plano AC repair specialists! You can contact us online to schedule your air conditioner repair, or for emergency solutions call us now at ​866-525-3594!

Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, TX

When something goes wrong with your Plano home’s air conditioning system you don’t have time for slow service or “maybe” solutions. You need an AC repair team with the skill and knowledge to act decisively, finding the root issue right away and administering the proper fix with complete accuracy.

Our experts are equipped with a full suite of top-end diagnostic tools, which they wield with the skill and surety of well-trained and highly experienced professionals. We can offer priority Plano AC repair that get the job done right, and we don’t stop until your system is working at its best!

Signs You Need AC Repair in Plano

Knowing what to expect and what can go wrong will help you understand when it’s time to give our experts a call for AC repair in Plano. If your cooling system begins exhibiting any of these signs, call on our Plano air conditioner repair experts immediately:

  • Weird noises. This is a very serious issue that can lead to a complete system failure, so be sure to report any odd sounds to our Plano AC repair team quickly.
  • Low cooling power. This could be due to part wear, refrigerant leaks, or electrical component complications.
  • Poor air flow. Weak air flow comes as a result of blockages. You might check your HVAC air filter first—just make sure it’s clean and clear.
  • Strong, acrid odors. Smell burnt wiring or strong, acrid odors coming from your system? Shut down the HVAC system and call in an AC repair expert immediately!
  • Water leaks. A busted or clogged condensate drain system can often lead to your air conditioner trying to install an indoor pool. The good news is that our Plano AC repair team can provide an easy, effective, and quick air conditioner repair.
  • Higher than usual cooling costs. Seeing a steady or sudden rise in cooling costs this summer season in Plano? Our experts can provide the repair and AC maintenance needed to restore the efficiency of your cooling system!

24/7 Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, Texas

Not every air conditioning problem can wait around for standard AC repair service. And not all problems happen at what anyone would call a “convenient” time, either! That’s why our fully-equipped emergency service team is at the ready any hour, any day to meet your repair service needs. When you call for priority service you can rest easy knowing that help isn’t far off, and is already on the way.

For emergency AC repair in Plano neighborhoods like Oak Creek Estates, Harvestwood, Woods of Suncreek, Normandy Estates, or any of the surrounding areas, you can trust that our team has you completely covered.

Don’t let a small problem with your air conditioner turn into a catastrophe, contact us at ​866-525-3594 for 24/7 AC repair throughout Plano, Texas.

Contact Total Air & Heat for AC Repair in Plano, Texas

Your family’s comfort is our top priority and we will do whatever we can to get your air conditioning system up and running again quickly and efficiently. With more than 50 years of AC repair experience under our belts, we’ve seen every air conditioner repair scenario there is and guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in Plano, TX.

Contact Total Air & Heat to get a quote on air conditioner repair in Plano, Texas!

Our Collin County AC company provides:

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  • AC repair in 75026 (Plano, TX)
  • AC repair in 75074 (Plano, TX)
  • AC repair in 75075 (Plano, TX)
  • AC repair in 75086 (Plano, TX)
  • AC repair in 75093 (Plano, TX)
  • AC repair in 75094 (Plano, TX)
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