Boiler Repair in Plano, Texas

In the Collin and Denton County areas you would be hard-pressed to find a heating system more capable or powerful than a boiler. They’re super effective at keeping the cold at bay, and they can be quite efficient to boot. But no matter how resilient or well made your system might be, there will come a time when you encounter a breakdown mid season. But you’ve always got a team you can turn to with Total Air & Heat of Plano, Texas on your side!

Our HVAC team and boiler specialists have been offering top-class boiler repair and support services to home and business owners for years. By using superior diagnostic tools and our extensive training we can find and fix any boiler issue with little to no delay, getting you back to warm and toasty in no time—and at a price you can be equally content with. For heating and boiler services in Willow Bend, Cloisters, Park Forest, or any of the other neighborhoods in Plano, call on Total Air & Heat for the best service bar none.

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Top-Rated Boiler Repair in Plano

Our repair teams carry extensive experience and specialized training when it comes to boiler systems. Whether you’re dealing with uneven heating, weird sounds, or a complete furnace meltdown, we’ve got the tools and skills that are needed to get the job done right and on time. We put your comfort first, putting to work every effort we can muster in order to get your system up and running like clockwork with minimal delay.

Signs You Need Plano Boiler Repair

As a fairly unique system boilers can encounter a considerable number of issues. But they’re not always as obvious as a complete system failure! How do you know when to give our service team a call? By watching out for these common signs of a boiler issue:

  • Uneven heating. One of the biggest reasons many choose boiler heat in the first place is because of how exceptionally even and steady they heat a home. If you have cold spots or some rooms feel cooler than others that’s a good sign that something is awry.
  • Strange or loud sounds. While a boiler might not be the quietest machine in the world, they tend to make very regular and steady sounds if any. If you hear clanks, bangs, whistling, or any other odd sounds it’s time to call a repair professional.
  • A leak or signs of water damage. As a system that makes use of heated water and piping a boiler is certainly not immune to a leak. Keep watch for water around the unit or signs of water damage (dark patches, mold, structural weakness) in areas where the piping is laid.
  • Odd odors. Funky odors can often be an indication of a gas or fuel leak, which you don’t need us to tell you is a big deal. If you notice sulfur/rotten odors from your boiler please shut the system down and give us a call right away!
  • Excessive energy/fuel consumption. A system that is wearing down or working inefficiently will often begin eating up more fuel than usual. Keep an eye on fuel consumption and energy or gas bills. Noticing an upward trend in your costs? Time to call for repairs or maintenance!

24-Hour Boiler Service

Our experts understand that not every problem that you can encounter will happen during normal business hours. That’s why at Total Air & Heat we don’t have normal business hours! We have boiler experts in Plano on standby and ready to help any time, any day, so give us a call any time your comfort is threatened by a misbehaving or frustrating boiler system.

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Plano Boiler Repair Services

When you want heat for your home, you want it to be strong and dependable. But you also want energy-efficiency, the lowest costs possible, and you do not want to deal with a breakdown. Sound like asking for too much? It isn’t!

Total Air & Heat boiler services in Plano are designed to specifically offer you all of the advantages, plus much more.

Ready to make your home a warm and toasty this winter? Give us a call at 866-525-3594 for services all over the Plano, Texas area.

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