Boiler Replacement in Plano, Texas

Is your Plano boiler heating system on its last legs? Maybe working a little less effectively, or costing too much to operate? At Total Air & Heat we know that boilers are sturdy and reliable. But they weren’t built to last for all of time! There will come a day when your system is just too much to keep up with, and when that day comes we’ll be here to help. Our boiler replacement and heating experts in Collin and Denton Counties can match you with the ideal system in order to help you get back to comfort and normalcy in your home.

For over 60 years Total Air & Heat of Plano, Texas has been offering top-class solutions and heating services to home and business owners. We’re the experts you can trust to bring you a new system that is hand picked to meet your unique home comfort needs. Whether you’re in Ridgeview Villas, Stonetree, or near Wooded Creek, we’re right down on Avenue “O” in Plano and waiting for you to call!

Seeking boiler replacement, or need an expert opinion on what solution would work best for you? Contact Total Air & Heat today by calling 866-525-3594 or by contacting us online!

Boiler Replacement Services in Plano

We know your old boiler probably did an excellent job in its time, but when it starts to fall behind it’s time for a new boiler! Our Plano winters may not be famous, but when that seasonal chill comes creeping across Sam Rayburn the nights can get rough in a hurry. Our team works hard to ensure your boiler replacement is absolutely ideal, taking your Plano home and unique needs into account in order to choose a new system that will be able to keep up with any level of demand.

Once the system is chosen, our boiler installation services will ensure the new boiler is set in place in the most effective means possible. That means peak efficiency, top tier comfort, and excellent heating for you and your family for years to come.

Signs You Need a Boiler Replacement in Collin or Denton County

Replacing your Plano boiler isn’t always the easiest call to make, barring a complete breakdown. Not sure if you need boiler repair or boiler replacement, or if a simple maintenance service will get the job done? Our team can help you decide! Watch for these common signs that it’s time to replace:

  • Pay attention to the age of your boiler – A boiler that has been well taken care of can generally last 15-20 years, but past this point you’ll see far lower efficiency, less heating power, and more need for consistent repair.
  • The frequency of furnace repairs –  Find yourself calling in for repair every single year? That adds up fast! Replacing can often be more cost-efficient, and far less stressful overall to keep up with.
  • Some repairs are just too expensive – Replacing major components can run as high as thousands of dollars. In these situations we often recommend replacing as the new system will pay you back a bunch in higher efficiency.
  • Consistently uneven heating – One of the big perks of a boiler system is that it heats every single room very well and extremely evenly. Are you noticing cold spots all of the time, or are your room temperatures very inconsistent? If so, replacing may be wise.

Plano Boiler Replacement

When you want heat for your home, you want it to be strong and dependable. But you also want energy-efficiency, the lowest costs possible, and you do not want to deal with a breakdown. Sound like asking for too much? It isn’t!

Total Air & Heat boiler services in Plano are designed to specifically offer you all of the advantages, plus much more.

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