Plano 24-Hour Air Conditioner Repair

Providing Reliable, Emergency AC Repair Services throughout Plano, Texas

When your Plano central AC or cooling system system starts acting up you’ve got a problem on your hands. But when it happens after hours, or on the hottest day of the summer, your problem just upgraded to an outright emergency! You need a cooling service team that offers priority services, leading solutions, and experts who won’t gouge you in your time of stress. And now you can breathe easy—you just found Total Air & Heat in Collin County!

Our certified and licensed HVAC technicians proudly serve Plano clients, offering repair services that place your comfort needs first at all times. Our emergency repair team is equipped to offer the best in the business, and our doors are never closed to clients in need of emergency service. No matter where or when, we’ll be there with the perfect solution.

For emergency AC and cooling repair contact Total Air & Heat of Plano by dialing 866-525-3594! We serve all clients of Plano, from Santa Fe Estates, to Williamsburg Square, and all the way over in Pasquinellis Parker Estates!

24-Hour Emergency Cooling Repair in Plano, Texas

A cooling emergency means your system is failing to meet your needs. Whether it’s just not putting out enough cooling power or banging and clanking like mad, the situation is stressful. You need air conditioning to live comfortably in Plano. And at Total Air & Heat we take this need very seriously. Any time your system fails to meet your needs or you’re robbed of adequate comfort in your home we want to be there, and we want to bring with us the perfect solution for your situation.

In fact we will bring the perfect solution. Backed by our leading diagnostic tools, experience in cooling analysis, and extensive training, we can ensure you’ll get a priority service that restores cool comfort in your home as soon as possible. You’ll always get the best we have to offer, and we’re not satisfied with our emergency services until you’re back to normal or better.

For emergency AC and cooling repair contact Total Air & Heat of Plano by dialing 866-525-3594!

Signs You Need Emergency Service in Collin County, TX

So what’s different about an emergency? How do you differentiate it from a standard repair service? Well typically we’d say a standard service is for handling problems that might become bigger, such as increases in cooling costs or a slight dip in performance. But there are some situations we would firmly file under an emergency, including:

  • Strange or loud noises. Loud sounds means bad or broken parts, and this can be exceptionally dangerous for your cooling system. With loose components banging around your system can take on serious and often permanent damage, which is why this is definitely worth an emergency call.
  • Electrical issues. Do you keep having breaker trips when the system engages, or are you smelling burnt wiring in your home when the AC runs? These are an absolute emergency, as they pose serious risks to your home and even possibly your health.
  • Total lack of cooling. The minute your system kicks off from a problem the heat starts to invade. Even an hour without AC is unacceptable, so call on our team any time your AC is failing to suit your needs.
  • Water leaks. Air conditioner leaks aren’t common, but when they do crop up they can lead to considerable water damage in your home and the moisture can pose a threat to the entire cooling system.

24/7 Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, Texas

As you may know from the past, an AC unit usually breaks down at the most inconvenient time. But with Total Air & Heat, you’ll never have to worry. Whether your air conditioner breaks down at 3am on a Wednesday or on a weekend, we always have someone on call to get your cooling system up and running again in no time. Your family’s comfort is a top priority, so you can trust that our team will work to get the job done quickly and correctly the first time, every time.

Don’t hesitate to contact Total Air & Heat if you’re experiencing an air conditioner problem in Plano. Call us at 866-525-3594 to schedule emergency AC repair no matter the time or day!

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