Heat Pump Installation in Plano, Texas

For those of us that live in the Plano area, we need a home comfort solution that is a cut above. Our hectic weather means efficiency and reliability are top priority, and for a system that meets both of these needs in spades, a heat pump is often the right choice! Are you interested in installing a heat pump system in your home, or are you looking for a system to replace your old, outdated home cooling? The specialists at Total Air & Heat of Plano can help!

Our certified and licensed HVAC experts have been serving clients in Collin and Denton Counties for decades. When you’re looking for a team with the experience and training needed to match your home with the perfect heating and cooling solutions, we’re the folks you can always turn to for leading quality. Looking for heating and cooling experts that can help you keep comfortable near Willow Bend Estates, Pitman Creek, or any of the other areas in Plano? You’ve come to the right place!

The service professionals at Total Air can provide various heat pump options, including:

  • Standard air-source heat pumps
  • Ductless heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps

Contact us online to find out more about our installation services, or call 866-525-3594 to talk to an HVAC installation specialist now!

Heat Pump Installation in Plano, Texas

In order for a system to actually be able to serve your home effectively, it must be carefully-chosen. A new system has to take into account your heating and cooling load needs, the size of your space, occupants, and even more. That’s why choosing a professional to help you pick the right heat pump is imperative, and that’s also why Total Air & Heat is your go-to choice in the Plano area.

Our teams have extensive experience in handling heat pump units. Whether you’re looking to go ductless, or you’re interested in the benefits of a geothermal heat pump, we can assess your needs with ease and provide an ideal new system service. We’re all about keeping you comfortable and prepared for Plano weather, and we don’t rest until the job is done right.

The Benefits of a New Heat Pump Installation

Wondering if a heat pump has advantages over other air conditioning and heating systems? It does! By choosing to install a modern heat pump unit you can expect to benefit from:

  • Top-class energy efficiency. A heat pump unit can reach efficiency ratings far exceeding standard central cooling and furnace heating systems. That means the unit uses up less energy to get the job done, saving you plenty of money!
  • Year-round comfort. Heat pumps are effective both at keeping the Texas heat at bay and providing heat once the winter season comes around. That means you get an all-in-one, dual-functioning solution that you can always count on.
  • Compact HVAC design. Heat pump systems avoid the complication of having separate heating and cooling systems, saving valuable and usable space in your home for other things.
  • Versatility in options. Between forced-air, geothermal, and ductless units, there’s a heat pump system that meets the needs of virtually any homeowner.

Green heating and cooling. Concerned about your carbon footprint? A modern heat pump system is exceptionally eco-friendly due to both the high efficiency ratings and the lack of fossil fuels.

Heat Pump Installation in Plano, Texas

At Total Air & Heat, we guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in the Plano area for AC services and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work! For reliable heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair, you can count on us!

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