Heat Pump Replacement in Plano, Texas

Heat pumps offer Plano homeowners an all-seasons comfort solution. What’s more, they do it more efficiently than most other options available! But no matter how powerful or well-built a system may be, there will come a time when it no longer can keep up with your comfort needs. Is your home heat pump starting to lag behind, or are you ready to enjoy the advantages of a more modern and reliable system? Either way, the experts at Total Air & Heat of Plano can provide the superior service you need!

Our service professionals and top-grade heat pump specialists have the skill and knowledge needed to provide a complete replacement service for your home. For decades our team has been proudly serving Collin and Denton Counties, and we don’t rest until the job is handled with the care and precision you’ve earned.

For heat pump services and home heat pump replacement in Plano, contact Total Air & Heat online today!

Heat Pump Replacement in Plano, TX

When it comes to replacement, any old system or service just won’t do. Our weather demands that your heat pump be of the highest caliber, and that it is installed with your specific comfort needs in mind. That’s why our replacement specialists start with a total comfort evaluation, noting any special heating or cooling needs in your home, as well as all of the important details that go into a proper Manual J calculation.

By choosing the Plano-based heat pump experts at Total Air, you’ll get more than just “good enough”! You’ll get our best across the board. That means top-tier service, leading products from trusted manufacturers, and our complete service guarantee. Need your heat pump replaced in Whiffletree, Griffinwood, Steeplechase, or any of the surrounding neighborhoods in Plano? You’ve just found the experts that can get the job done right!

When to Replace a Plano Heat Pump

We understand that oftentimes you would prefer to have a simple repair cover all of your service needs. But in many cases our team can actually save you money and stress with a replacement service! It’s all about knowing when is the right time.

Not sure if a replacement is the right option? We recommend talking to our team about a heat pump replacement when:

  • The heat pump is 15 years old or older. Through professional tune-up services you can expect a heat pump to last quite a while—often longer than other systems. But past the 15 (sometimes 10) year mark you’ll notice a distinct lack of cooling and heating power, and you’re likely to experience breakdowns much more frequently.
  • You need repairs all the time. Sick and tired of shelling out for heat pump repair over and over again? Don’t! A system that needs repair yearly is ripe for replacement, and doing so will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Your current repair needs cost too much. Certain components within a heat pump system can cost you hundreds or more all on their own. When faced with a high repair cost, ask our experts about the benefits of replacing! You might just find the solution that will save you more.
  • The unit lags behind and can’t keep up. It’s just not worth absorbing the high energy costs we experience in Plano if you’re not even getting the comfort you’re paying for! A new model will offer you better comfort, less stress, and less cost.
  • Your energy costs are mounting. Heat pumps are loved for how efficient they are, and the minor miracles they can perform for your utility bills. Wish your system was a s cost-efficient to operate as it was a few years back? Call Total Air & Heat to talk about a replacement!

Heat Pump Replacement in Plano, Texas

At Total Air & Heat, we guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in the Plano area for AC services and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work! For reliable heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair, you can count on us!

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