Heat Pump Services in Plano, Texas

As a homeowner in Plano, you’re constantly at odds with our wild, heavy weather. That puts you in a position where you not only need a reliable and effective HVAC system, but also one that’s efficient in order to keep your costs down. For many of us, a heat pump system is the ideal answer. Are you in need of heat pump services in Collin or Denton County? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re in need of a new heat pump installation, swift repairs, or routine tune-up services, our professionals at Total Air & Heat of Plano have you covered. With decades of experience in serving the Plano area and a drive to bring our customers the best, Total Air & Heat is your leading provider in heat pump solutions. Whether you’re down near Bob Woodruff Park or up near Sam Rayburn, our teams can bring you the best.

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For complete heat pump services in Plano contact Total Air & Heat online today! Need to speak with a team member? Dial 866-525-3594 and we’ll be happy to help!

Heat Pump Installation

Our teams can work with you to determine your exact comfort needs, enabling us to find the perfect fit for your Plano home. Your new system will be sized and installed according to stringent standards, that way we can make certain you’ll get the utmost in comfort and efficiency from your new heat pump system.

Our certified service professionals can offer multiple heat pump options, including:

  • Standard air-source heat pumps
  • Ductless heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps

Heat Pump Replacement in Collin & Denton Counties

Generally you can expect a heat pump that has been well-maintained and cared for to last 15, maybe 20 years. For a geothermal unit, a bit longer. Is your heat pump at the end of its lifespan? If so, our teams can restore your comfort and the efficiency of your home by offering a top-of-the-line heat pump replacement. We’ll match your current system and offer a new, improved model that guarantees comfort for you and your family for years to come.

Heat Pump Repair

There’s not much mercy to be had in the Plano area during the summer months. Not every day is a day that can be spent at Oak Park Point! That means you need your heat pump to be at the top of its game. Any hiccups or complications can mean hours of misery, and makes finding a reliable repair team a top priority.

The professionals at Total Air & Heat never want to see you suffering in the summer sun, or stuck on a chilly winter night! No matter the time, the day, or what kind of problem you’re having, we’ll bring all of our diagnostic resources to bear in order to provide you with a repair service that gets things normal ASAP.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Plano, TX

You chose a heat pump system in order to benefit from reliability, and of course, the super high efficiency. But once you have these benefits, you ideally want to keep them, right? That’s what maintenance is for! You can think of it kind of like a car tune-up—you get the oil changes and tire rotations to preserve function and improve fuel efficiency. You get heat pump maintenance to reduce the common risks of a breakdown, maximize and maintain efficiency, and to ensure your pump works for its intended lifespan.

Want even more benefits and perks from your heat pump system? Talk to our Plano area professionals today to find out about joining the Total Air family by signing up for a performance maintenance agreement!

Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Plano, Texas

At Total Air & Heat, we guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in the Plano area for AC services and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work! For reliable heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair, you can count on us!

Give us a call at 866-525-3594 for heat pump services throughout Plano, Texas.

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